Regression Therapy isn’t the only way

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If you believe in past lives, then you may be wondering how to access information about them. Many people have heard about past life regression hypnosis, but that is not the only way and may not be the easiest.

Thirty-three percent of Americans said that they believe in reincarnation in a 2017 survey, according to a 2018 article by Pew Research Center.

Here are eight ways to learn about your past lives listed in the order which I believe is from easiest to more difficult: Mediumship; Scrying; Hypnosis; Dreams; Meditation; Spontaneous Geographic Memories; Psychedelic Therapy and Holotropic Breathwork.

Working with…

Flash Fiction

Your wishlist is just a want away

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Somewhere on Earth a customer thought of something they wanted. An algorithm had calculated within 99.9% certainty that the customer would purchase the product given the choice, but that was unnecessary. The product was already on the way and would be delivered within minutes of the predicted time of the thought.

Trucks drove into a building. Arms unloaded the crates. Conveyors ferried the crates along. More arms lifted the crates into new trucks headed to new destinations. Further arms unloaded the crates and this time opened them. …

Flash Fiction

We’re real and you need to take care of the Earth

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Thanks to this flash fiction prompt: population growth by Mark Farrar.

Things were just fine in faerieland. You could still see faeries and friends gather to dance, laugh, sing and make art and music in the cities built of thought and fractal brilliance.

Things looked grim on this side of the veil. Most humans stopped believing in faeriekind long ago and began ignoring their message. That message is a warning now.

The humans were breeding irresponsibly and consuming like locusts. Great smoke stacks rose up over the land. Capitalists poisoned the soul of humanity.

The faeries wept.

Over time the…

“New chart shows China could overtake the U.S. as the world’s largest economy earlier than expected” USA supremacy has an expiration date.

China’s GDP will surpass that of the USA by 2028, according to the following article.

China already exceeded the USA in terms of Purchasing Power Parity in 2017.

Many people ignore this, citing higher US GDP. That will not be the case for long.

China also challenges the USA’s military might and may eventually reach parity if not supremacy.

The sooner American institutions can grok that a transition is occurring, the smoother it will be.

Ryan M. McLaren

“We all have permission to believe in ourselves a little bit more every day.”

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